Non Slip Foot Control Mat

Materials Required

  • Non slip drawer liner/underlay
  • 1 x WOF strip for binding
  • Scrap of fabric to cut into small rectangle
  • Stuffing
  • Thread
  • Tear away
  • Bernina Lap Seam Foot #71


1. Cut two pieces of non slip liner slightly wider and longer than your foot control.  You want enough room at the top to add the stopper roll and some room at the bottom for your heel.  We cut 6.5” x 12”.

2. Cut your binding strip to your preferred width and press in half – Using the Bernina #71 lap seam foot we used a 2” strip.

3. Measure the width of your liner.  Add 1” to the width for your stopper roll and cut a rectangle 5” high.  Ie:  Our width was 6.5” so we cut 7.5” x 5”.

4. Fold the rectangle for the stopper roll in half right sides together and stitch along the 7.5”.

5. Lightly stuff the roll leaving room either end to stitch onto non slip liner.

6. Cut a hole in tearaway the size of your dog feed and stick the tear away over your sewing machine table.  This will help the non slip liner to move more easily

7. Place the roll on the two layers of non slip liner and stitch down the roll to secure in place.  Trim any over hanging fabric.

8. Lay binding on back of liner and stitch it all the way around.

9. Fold your binding over to the top with some tear away strips between non slip liner and binding, and clip down.  The tear a way will prevent the foot from sticking on the liner.  Stitch down your binding using the #71 foot or your preferred method.

10. Place on the floor and always have your foot control in reach!!


Bernina’s Big Book of Feet will give you lots of ideas to use your #71 foot and all the other fabulous feet and accessories by Bernina.

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Also…Check out Bernina’s you tube clip on this foot.